Why work with me?

Walking the walk, not just talking the talk - personal experience…

I understand your struggle when your loved one isn’t well. I know the quick mood swings, irrational behavior, angry outbursts out of nowhere, complete withdrawal, impulse control problems, excessive spending, manipulation and dishonesty, loss of touch with reality, crying for hours on end, not sleeping, huge communication issues because they literally can’t process what you’re saying, and complete chaos.

I know that someone who’s bipolar is more than their disorder and I know you love them.  I know that much of your time is spent taking care of them in one way or another, or handling everything on your own. I know you are exhausted and often feel very alone.

I know not only because I’ve worked with both adults and kids on this journey, but because I’ve lived with more than one person fighting the bipolar battle.

I learned how to let go of the shame of not having a picture perfect life. I learned how to cope, to manage my family, to create solid relationships, to claim my boundaries, and to find peace. And that’s what I can help you do.

What makes us a good fit to work together…

  • If you are action oriented and talk therapy alone doesn’t feel right for you

  • If you are open to both practical and spiritual tools around self-care to help take control of your life

  • If you are open to accepting that the way through this is to start healing yourself