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Learn How to Let Go: A Workshop on Ending Relationships and Finding Peace (Online Workshop)

As a general rule people are not taught how to let go. In fact, we are taught quite the opposite. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Keep your eye on the prize. Those who persevere succeed. Clinging or holding on are almost a survival instinct. And then when it seems like there is no other option except to end a relationship, we are expected to just do it cold turkey, with no lessons on how to let go and no acknowledgement that untangling yourself from a relationship can be both physically and emotionally complicated.

This virtual workshop will focus on practical discussions and interactive exercises around the practice of letting go, what that physical sensation feels like in our bodies, and how to learn to do it at will. Our focus will mainly be on relationships, but once we learn how to let go, the practice can be extended to all areas of our lives.