About Julie & Her Work

What’s my deal ?

If you asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would have simply said, “Happy.”

I didn’t have any one particular aspiration other than happiness, besides having a family.

It’s not that I was an unhappy kid at all, I’ve just always felt like my life would continuously get better the more I experienced it and grow into who I’m meant to be. And that line of thinking hasn’t changed for me very much.

Never once have I wished I could go back and make different choices, because I’ve needed all the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I see the beauty in my mistakes, challenges, and growth.

I’ve always had a positive attitude, an adventurous spirit, and a heart full of love, with some silliness and a dash of sass when appropriate.

And I’ve always had spiritual connection to turn to when I need it.

I didn’t always know the best ways to use all of these parts of myself, so I very often danced to the beat of my own drummer, trying different things until I found what felt right for me.

I’m still doing that, growing and learning, working on being my best self, all the time.

Right now my best self…

-Only filters when she has to, or when it’s to spare the world of the nonsensical chatter that tries to take up space in her mind.

-She very often has a potty mouth, but never with the purpose of offending.

-She is generous with her love because she literally doesn’t know how to be any other way.

-She is committed to taking care of herself in all ways.

-She’s straightforward and deals with things head on.

-She’s very spiritually grounded and lives a very intentional life, comfortable with both God and charging her crystals under the moon.

-She more than occasionally sings and dances in the shower.

-She’s a progressive mom with some traditional values.

-She appreciates the differences in people.

-She’s an ex-wife with no regrets who still loves doing things as a whole family.

-She’s filled with gratitude every single day, and sees blessings in things both big and small.

-She makes mistakes and owns her shit.

-And the most important things in the world to her are raising good humans who accept people for who they are, living an authentic life, and doing her part to make the world a better place.

My journey wasn’t exactly what I expected, but it was the perfect path for me, and it was necessary in order to prepare me to truly help you.

What have I learned the most in regards to living with people who struggle with bipolar disorder?

I’ve learned that it can manifest very differently in people.

Being bipolar doesn’t automatically make you sick. There can be well times and there can be unwell times. For some people it’s completely manageable, and for others its more challenging. And there are those that just don’t want to manage it at all.

I’ve learned that doing everything for someone who struggles with bipolar disorder doesn’t help them in the bigger picture, because they really need to learn to take care of themselves.

Everyone needs certain tools to get by in life, and the bipolar toolbox is useless if the person who needs to use them doesn’t know how because they never got the chance.

I’ve learned that the best way to have a healthy relationship with someone who is bipolar is to focus on your own mental and emotional health and your own healing. Your entire life cannot be built around someone else. Period.

I’ve learned that it’s vital to have both compassion AND boundaries, and that they can coexist.

Lacking either one is a recipe for disaster.

What else do I bring to the table?

I started down this path long before I knew the role it was going to play in my life. I’m not sure if I chose it, or if it chose me, but I surrendered and swiped right.

I have a BA and MA in psychology.  I volunteered for Suicide Prevention for 3 years and for San Francisco Sex Information for 5 years.  I completed training in The Somatica® Method for relationship, sex and intimacy coaching. I’ve been to therapy, and I’ve also worked with an amazing set of coaches in different disciplines.

My personal life experience, volunteer experience, education, and training combined provide me with a unique perspective and holistic approach to help you deal with the challenges you face when you love someone who’s bipolar.

I’m passionate about helping people to find the tools that work best for them, and empowering them to use those tools.

I’m comfortable working with people of all different backgrounds, belief systems, relationship and family structures, and gender/sexual identities. If you have something new for me, I’d be honored to learn about it.

How do I work?

I do private coaching (both in person and via Zoom), monthly Meetups, and I’m currently working on a few group workshops which will be posted as soon as they are complete.

  • I focus on self-care and share tools that help you gain the power to stay grounded and centered when your loved one is not.

  • I teach you how to create healthy physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries for yourself so that you feel like you experience more peace than roller coaster ride.

  • I help you to shift your perspective so that you can see yourself, your loved one, and your relationship from a more expansive view to enable you to make choices and respond to situations from a healthier place.

  • I provide opportunities for interaction and practice.

  • I’m completely honest and real with you, and give you space to do the same.