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Life can be hard when you love someone who’s bipolar.

It can feel like it takes a toll on you… but it doesn’t have to.

Loving someone who struggles with bipolar disorder can be completely overwhelming. I’ve been there and I get it.  

Your life may include living with chaos, walking on eggshells, huge communication challenges, unpredictable mood swings, unpredictable behavior, and much more.

To manage your life and family, you need a set of tools, both practical and spiritual, to help you move out of the storm and into peace and balance.

And if you are like me, when you are stuck, you need to step out into something different and more expansive than the typical kind of talk therapy. I can help you get on that path.

I work with people who have someone in their life that struggles with bipolar disorder.

I teach them how to create healthy boundaries, practice self-care, and shift their perspective to help manage the feeling that their life is chaotic or out of control.

Why? Because it's hard to tackle your day to day life when you feel so out of balance yourself.

Your friends and those around you won't completely understand the challenges you face, the worry, the roller coaster, the aggravation, the pain, and the love…but I do.